SaaS companies have to make decisions that decide a product's future - its Roadmap!​

Apart from incremental features, the roadmap can often contain a 'Feature theme' or a significantly large collection of new functionality around a particular topic or macro level functionality. In some cases this 'Feature theme' could even belong to another product category or product subcategory.

Often, product teams and executives are faced with making decisions on what 'Feature theme' to steer the product towards. These decisions are often made based on customer demands and market feedback.

Nevertheless, there are some good avenues of market information which though very relevant here, are often left ignored, such as:

- Market reviews and feedback for those products that do possess this same feature theme

- Gathering Research intent data for topics pertinent to the feature theme

- Assessing the incremental market size as well as market attractiveness for this new feature theme

This is where we can provide help - we do so in the following manner:

  • Customer Review platforms – we search for reviews of other products for keywords relevant to the release theme. Based on this, we can determine the relative importance of the subject area, and whether it generates enough number of negative or positive comments.

  • Research intent - we quantify the research intent among target segments for relevant topics

  • Quantifying the user base in potential client organizations - if this release theme is meant for a certain 'user persona', we can estimate how many users actually exist within a typical organization that may use the new feature theme.

  • Growth in product category/subcategory: In case the new feature theme transcends into a different product category/subcategory – we can look at recent trends and signals that represent the level of market attractiveness such as:

  • Funding of companies in the category/subcategory

  • Online traffic to these companies’ websites

  • Adoption of their product by clients

  • Level of research intent among client base

All in all, we endeavor to support you with whatever market analysis could be practically doable in order to provide you the most logical base for your product roadmap judgment calls.