Investor Research

Investor Research focuses on the 4 key pillars:

  • Finding Relevant investors

  • Funding dynamics in your category

  • Important product metrics

  • Preparing for the Term sheet

Finding Relevant investors: 

We study the investors that have made investments in the early stages in companies from the relevant product categories. We study the funding rounds, money raised and valuation data where available. We also look at recent historical trends. We look at both global investors as well as geo focused investors.

Funding dynamics in your category:

We look at the kind of total funding and round based funding amounts received by companies like yours in the past as well as based on recent trends.


Important product metrics:


We have a keen understanding of the product metrics considered important by investors, not just the early-stage investors but bigger investors down the line. We can help you understand which metrics make particular sense in your product’s context, and how best to highlight those in your investment business case.


Preparing for the Term sheet:


Investments come with many types of riders, terms and conditions. Some of them are inflexible, while the rest can be discussed and negotiated with investors. These cover a plethora of topics such as Types of shares, Cap table, Milestones, Dividends, Liquidation preferences, Redemption and Conversion rights, Anti dilution, Right of First refusal, Drag along, Voting rights etc. We help you prepare the ground for fruitful discussions with potential investors.