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 Business Development based on Market Insights

Hi, I am Kapil Garg, founder of SAAS Associates.

I want to tell you an interesting and relevant story, can you spare 3 minutes?

Working at some of the largest and market-share leading SaaS and IT companies in product management, strategy and business planning, I faced some distinct paradigms:

  • Most analyst firms and business enterprises focus on total market size and share of it they can capture. While this may be ok for enterprises that are truly big or global, its not the most efficacious way of going about strategizing for medium or small companies.

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  • There has been a shift in paradigm since the arrival of cloud computing. The number of SaaS companies has grown exponentially. So, unlike before where there used to be just a handful of ISVs in the enterprise space, and some more number of ISVs targeting mid and small size companies, now the number of ISVs in all major categories are in the several tens or even a few hundreds.


  • Making sense of the market opportunity, which segments to focus on, doing a meaningful customer landscape and competitive analysis and come out with insights and therefrom a tactical working plan for sales growth is itself a difficult ordeal.


  • That’s where I decided to come in and try and come up with a solution. So, here is how I went about trying to solve this:

    • Utilizing the evolution of technographic information

    • The availability of firmographic information

    • Availability of competitive corporate information

Now, if you can join together strategic understanding of market segmentation and sizing, market entry and competitive strategy with tons of technographic, firmographic and competitive data scattered across a diverse set of sources numbering a few dozen – you can actually have a very effective marketing and sales strategy for your SaaS company.

It takes a lot to sort out the vast lake of information this exercise throws up, analyze it and bring up information and insight helpful to craft strategy and tactics for both your marketing and sales teams.

We have done all the hard work to boil the ocean and give you the rich ingredients, so you don’t have to.

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